Escape to Aavi Homestay

Tranquil retreat for weekend getaways. Unwind, rejuvenate, and disconnect from life’s hustle. Serenity awaits!

Rejuvenate over the hills at Aavi Homestay

Embrace nature’s tranquility, unwind, and revitalize for a refreshing escape. Your oasis awaits!

Detox at Aavi Homestay

where lush estates beckon exploration. Embrace serenity, unwind, and discover the rejuvenating allure of our natural surroundings.

Visit Aavi Homestay for a glimpse

Visit Aavi Homestay for a glimpse of vibrant fauna, especially enchanting peacocks. Cherish nature’s wonders during your serene stay.

 Discover avian wonders at Aavi Homestay

Combine the thrill of birdwatching with a romantic retreat amid nature’s embrace. Unforgettable moments await.

Embark on thrilling treks and leisurely walks at Aavi Homestay

Balance adventure and relaxation amid nature’s beauty for an unforgettable getaway.

Pets are accepted

At Aavi homestay, we understand that pets are cherished members of the family, and we welcome them with open arms. Experience a pet-friendly haven where both you and your furry companions can feel at home.